Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look mom ....look what I can do!

I can get a tube feed with my barbies!!

I can pose for a picture and smile at the same time!

I can make a kid train! (Hannah's idea)

I can hold my baby brother and give him loves all by myself!

I can look cute with hair in my eyes!

I can eat all kinds of stuff!

I can try to crawl, see, I have good form!

I can do pushups!!!

I can just try to stand up! Who needs crawling anyway???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whats new pictures

Not much is new except that I have a few pics to post. Asher is 7 months old as of yesterday.

Hannah is looking better and doing better. I love her hair this way and lucky me so does she! Hannah will be 5 in March. I can't believe it!

Asher can sit up by himself, army crawl anywhere he wants to go, and is almost 17 pounds. :) He is such a sweetie!

Maizer is a darling little guy who is now 3 years old and he has such a funny sense of humor. He loves to play and read books. He also can put together 25 piece puzzles without ever seeing what they are supposed to be a picture of. He likes to do 3 at a time all mixed up. It's crazy cool!

Daddy with all 3 kiddos. I asked him if we had more where would he put them? LOL He said he has a back and a head. LOL

Daddy with Asher on Christmas Day. What a handsome husband I have! xoxoxox

Here is Hannah holding a blanket I made for her for Christmas. She loves it!

All 3 blankets I made. Hannah's is Hello Kitty and Maizer has Spiderman. My sis Katie has a superhero theme! LOL It has a red backing and Batman and Robin words like "Pow".