Sunday, May 31, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Date

Josh took Hannah out last Saturday for their first Daddy/Daughter Date. She went to Build-A-Bear because she earned enough stars to "pay" fot it.

*I will post all about star earning later - works great for incentives to do the right things and to listen! I also have great tips on consequences if you're interested.*

They went a little late in the day so she fell asleep on the way home after a mini-melt down. :( But she had a great time and we laughed and laughed about what she chose to make! She named it Rainbow Scooba-doo but has since changed it to Baby-E. Why I don't know! LOL

Deck building part 1

My husband so lovingly spent his Memorial Day weekend building our deck. He doesn't have the stairs finished but that will come in part 2. He is a wonderful carpenter. He does finish and trim and all kinds of other things. If you have a question that perhaps he can answer about your home projects I'll be happy to pass it along! If you notice the pictures of our home, he did the floor and all the wood work! Here is his deck!

Two babies?

Well, I haven't posted in a little while. You all must be wondering if IT has happened. No - not yet. LOL I personally think that I look as big as possible and that perhaps there really are two babies in there! Just kidding. here I am 38 weeks 6 days along. Hanging in there in the heat! I am SO happy that I don't have to be pregnant through the summer!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dr. Appointment Sabotage

I packed the kids in the seating arrangements courtesy of car seat safety check and headed to my Dr. appointment today.

Note on the car seats - Maizer and Hannah were right behind the driver and passenger seats of our van. We planned to put the new baby in the middle of the very back seat. Well, Maizer is now in the middle of the back seat facing the rear instead of the front because his seat allows for rear seating until 35lbs. It's a lot safer and so we decided to switch him around which means opening the back and putting him in his seat through the "trunk" by climbing over the seat and into his car seat. Does that make sense? Ok now - imagine me climbing in and out of the back...not cool! Hannah is behind the driver now and the new baby will go behind the passenger front seat. Whew!

Anyway back to the appointment. I checked in at 4pm and was called maybe 10 minutes later. I got weighed (no gain - yeah!) went potty and was put into a room. I put the kids in a seat and gave them snacks. We waited..and waited...and waited. I had to go potty again so we all went and when I came back to the room (seeing my Dr. in the halls between bathroom visits) a nurse came in and said - "oh, the Dr. is going to check you again so get undressed. He has to check on a woman upstairs who may need a c-section so hang tight and I'll let you know if he is coming back or not. Get ready anyway because you are next to be seen." OK - I'll just sit here half naked while trying to corral my children in this tiny room. No worries! Take your time.

Which they did. A little after 5pm finally someone came in and said he isn't coming back down so get dressed and I'll listen to baby and you can head out. OK - now I am beyond irritated. Not that a woman had to have a c-section during my appointment - How dare she! - Just kidding, but that I was sitting there naked for so long trying to keep my monkeys off of everything. Good Heavens people!

I left and went straight to Starbucks for some happiness in a cup! A vanilla cream frappacino with whip cream. (That has no coffee in it as I do not drink coffee let alone give coffee to my children.) Yummy. If anyone wants to make my day, just give me a starbucks gift card and I'll be your best friend forever! LOL I got a grande and a tall split in 2 cups for the little ones. They love it too. :) So, everyone is happy and I drive all the way home which is a 35-40 minute drive from the hospital, which I drove up there and back for nothing.

My husband and I tried to get pregnant at a certain time as to have a June Baby, which I really wanted. I am almost to June although the day I picked for labor is tomorrow! LOL I do hope to make it to June though. I am so close. Wish me luck and give me encouragement posts!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, I have been having some good ones lately. Yesterday I was having them regularly from about 3pm to 7pm. It started every 15 min and moved up to about 8 min. Then they went away. :) Maybe they'll start again today and keep going! I'll keep you posted. Plus I have a few doozies for Not Me! Monday coming up next week! I hope I don't forget. LOL

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Pot of boy at the end of the Rainbow!

Here is the latest pregnancy photo. Please disregard any rolls you may see. I really don't like the fat pictures but this is how I get when I am pregnant. Big, swollen, and gain like 50 pounds. oh well. Isn't he sweet looking in my tummy? :) I came up with a photo title but if you have a better one let me know! I am 37 weeks 6 days in this picture.

Baby Contest Now Closed

Ok - It's time to close the contest because I am in the middle of everyone's guessing dates and I only have 13 days to go. It won't be long before we have a winner!.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sorry to All .....

Well, sorry to those whose date has come and gone. I am still around! Well, baby is anyway. :) If you want to throw in a guess and participate in the Baby Contest, please do so now cuz I am closing the contest Monday sometime. I like to be vague as does this baby apparently. So good luck and chime in. You've got limited time. See what others have guessed by clicking on the green links. Good Luck all. It is the last 14 days or I hope at least!

What do you win? A lovely pampering package. Things I may include are Mary Kay, bath gel, candles, A keepsake tin with bath confetti, natural honey soap, etc. All things girly and so nice to endulge in! I think I'll give everything away at once! Hee,hee. Also, if you get only one guess right you still get something!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maizer Hood?

After the baby shower, Josh took the table clothes and made capes and caps and such with them. Hannah has a pretty tourqouise one and Maizer has the green one. He looks so funny! It cracks me up so I thought I would share. If I ever get good enough with the camera I might have contests like MckMama and have everyone "name the photo". But my pictures look pretty normal - not fantastic - yet. :) Enjoy little Robin Hood or Maizer Hood I should say. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Friday Visit

Very little change. Dr. says that doesn't mean much after your first baby. You could go into labor anytime. So, here's hoping. :) Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Well, not much to comment on now except that I have my Dr.'s appointment later today and so we'll see how things are going. I look and feel bigger so I hope this kid isn't getting huge on me! :) I'll post an update later.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time is running out!

Ok - I want to remind everyone to leave a comment on when you think this baby will make an appearance and how much he will weigh. I will award (mail) a lovely pampering prize to the winner. See HERE for details. You only have until the baby is born and that should be within the next 19 days! This contest is open to ANYONE even if I don't know you! I have had over 300 visitors in the last 2 weeks so I know you are out there. Leave a comment! Become a friend! Win a gift!

Monday, May 18, 2009

All about Baby - again.

Another Monday already? Wow! Time seems to go so fast and yet so slow! As today is Monday, it is time for Not Me! I don't know that I have very many interesting things to say but I'll give it a shot.

I have only 20 days left till my baby's due date. I certainly did not pray last night that I would go into labor like now! He has the right to be in there until eviction day 6/7. At my Dr.'s appointment last Friday I did not stash both kids in one chair and give them snacks to distract them while I got a pelvic exam! Who takes their kids to a pelvic exam? Not Me! In my defense, I did truly not know I was getting one. No, really I didn't. oh - you know what I mean. Drat this Not Me! You can't use negatives when you really mean them! LOL

I did not feel like a freak and feel the need to comment to perfect strangers about oh you know, the weather, the groceries that you end up with, the pretty flowers, etc. when they stare blantly at how huge my ever growing mid region is with horrified eyes when I went to run errands a couple of days ago by myself. What is with people anyway? Haven't they seen a 9 month pregnant lady before? Sheesh! At least I don't have them touching my stomach so I am thankful for that!

If you have a desire to read more Not Me! Monday comment go to MckMama's blog HERE.

P.S. I am dialated to a 1 and 30% effaced. Baby is not floating any longer but is engaged! YEAH! That is progress so I can't be anything but happy about that!

Have a happy Monday!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hospital memories

There are many of you who don't know much about my little girl Hannah. I haven't given many updates lately - which is a good sign. But I would like to backtrack a little and start from the beginning.

Hannah was born 5 weeks premature and weighed 4lbs. 13oz. I will have to post a picture of her that little on another post as I don't have that computer file on this computer. Anyhow, we brought her home weighing 4lbs 6oz. and she was so sweet! She never really ate well because she was so tired. At about 6 months old she slowly stopped growing. She weighed 12lbs. And 10 months later she weighed 16lbs. At 2 years she weighed 18lbs.

We saw the Dr. often and he monitored her weight but one day he said take her to the hospital downtown and check her in. She'll need to be hospitilized. I was in shock. It seemed so drastic. Here I was trying to get her to eat food and she just would eat a few cheese crackers for the day and all the Dr. ever did was weigh her and tell me to keep trying. I guess I was expecting the same. He never mentioned that I might have to take her to the hospital. So I went home and called my husband and off we went. My 3 1/2 month old son, Hannah, and myself.

We stayed for 1 week and they did a biopsy on her small intestine and put a nose tube in and ran many tests to see what might be causing the problem. She went through so much that week. All the while being fed 4 bottles of pediasure a day. She tolerated well at first which was surprising since she wasn't used to eating. One test came back and said that she digested food 4 times slower than a normal person and never felt hungry so she just wouldn't eat. They wanted to "teach" her what it meant to feel full and empty. Well, she didn't digest to quickly and being fed through the tube 4 times a day - you can see where that is going.

We went home for her 2nd birthday and went back again for another week stay. While we were home she lost the 1 1/2 lbs or so that she had gained at the hospital. The second round in the hospital was terrible. Hannah threw up constantly. She couldn't tolerate the feeds anymore and she was throwing up the nose tube which had to be put back in. She is a fighter and it was more than traumatic to watch let alone accept that it had to be done at all. She was so brave. And I was so tired taking care of my infant and her in a tiny room.

This is grandma, Maizer, and Hannah.

I am fighting back the tears as I write this. It was terrible. When we went home we tried to feed her through her nose tube and we finally decided after 3 trips to the ER to have it replaced after her vomitting the tube out that we were done with it. One time the nurse inserted the tube down into her lungs. I was terrified and very much done with it all. It was torture on my beautiful little girl. If anyone ever knows someone with a nose tube or sees someone with a nose tube just remember this - they go through A LOT to have that placed and then think of not gagging on a tube you can feel in your throat all the time. Good luck is all I can say about that.

The Dr.'s told us that Hannah was malnourished and that her feeding disorder was unexplainable. Even the small reflux she had didn't figure in as to why she wanted food, got excited about food, and then wouldn't eat anything. She didn't have any developmental disabilities. It was a medical problem and they just didn't know enough about certain feeding issues to say why. What to do now? She needed surgery to have a "G" Tube placed directly into her stomach and to be fed through it all night long while she slept. Well, if we thought hospitilization was extreme this was too much. How can this be? Is this right? We haven't tried everything, surely there must be something else to do besides pumping food directly into her stomach?

Their reply??? If Hannah catches the flu later this year or any serious illness it will kill her. She just doesn't have the fat supply to fight an illness.

Ok - WOW! My husband and I tried to come together but it was very stressful and difficult. We had different opinions of what to do and we fought often. I felt like my whole world was turned inside out and we didn't have long to make the right choices. What those were who knows because the Dr.'s didn't even know why Hannah wasn't eating and growing. After trying medical lipids and calorie enhancing food boosters that are used by many AIDS patients and cancer patients that we had to pay for on our own and supplements adminstered in a juice...we came together and decided to do the surgery. Hannah wasn't gaining any weight and nothing was working. In 2007 a few months before flu season started she was again hospitilized and stayed for 3 days.

In the beginning it was so hard to feed her through it because it was so raw and sore. We had to wait to connect her pump until after she fell asleep. Then we started a very long journey of gain and loss. If she were sick we couldn't feed her because she would throw it up and she also could aspirate or choke on it. So it was 2 steps forward 1 step back.

Below is Hannah last September. She was still very tiny and I was nervous to let her go to preschool but I also wanted her to experience things so after speaking with the teachers, the director, the kids, I was comfortable that Hannah would be well looked after.

Today, Hannah has not been fed through her tube since the middle of January or so. She lost 1 lb right away from an illness but we kept her off the tube and are trying our best to have her eat food and grow all on her own. She still has her tube and we will put her back on it if we need to. So after 2 years and now being 4 years old, she weighes 28lbs 6oz. Every 2 weeks she is monitord at home and this last weight check and nutritional discussion and plan she had lost 6oz. She is still not at the weight she was when we stopped her tube feedings in January but we continue on because she is growing. Slowly but surely! She weighed just under 29 lbs when we stopped her feedings so she is close to being back at square 1. Once she can grow past that mark we can start a 6 month trial. If she does well, grows normally, and illness doesn't have her weight plummet again, then she will have her tube removed and we can live our lives medical equipment free!!! Oh how I dream of the day my daughter will be free of a life evolving around food and eating and weighing and the team of people that help her. Not that I don't love them! LOL

We are on a new path. My beautiful daughter will continue to get well. I have faith that the Lord blesses her and loves her. As I love her so very, very much.

If you find the time, please pray for Hannah. Pray that she can do better and gain the weight she needs to. Our children are so precious! I pray for all families that their children are healthy and happy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've Been Ambushed!!

My husband has been doing EVERYTHING to persuade me into naming our baby Ender Rilen Kirby. I do not want Ender. I want Asher!!! I can't believe the lengths he is going to. It's a new wallpaper on the computer everyday begging for Ender and a photo of himself pleading and praying, it's my daughter's photo pleading, it's false impersonations on MY BLOG!!! I can't believe he posted as if he were me! What should I do to "punish" him??? This just may be an all out war!! LOL

Let's dissect his previous post, shall we?

Yes, my husband is loving, wonderful, and handsome....would I say "Hubba, hubba"? Probably not. Not because he isn't but because that's not my lingo. Moving on!

If the name "doesn't matter much to me" then how can this sentence make sense?

"I just wanted to point out that I came to this conclusion of my own free will because it is a good strong name and it just feels like it is meant to be."

Yes, my husband does many wonderful things for me but PULEASE!!! The baby couldn't have been conceived without me either buddy! AND I am the one suffering for 10 months (40 weeks) with this kid and this baby is as much a part of ME as it is him.

So.... Feel free to comment on what crazy husband I have and what sort of tortures I can deliver until the baby is born and named ASHER!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's Official!!

Okay, so after who knows how long of incessant attempts from my wonderful and loving and very, very handsome husband(hubba hubba!!) at trying to get me to agree on a certain baby name, I have come to a decision. I also have decided to make it official by posting it on my Blog for all the world to see. Kind of like carving it in stone. Once it's posted internationally there is no going back. What will be, will be.
I just wanted to point out that I came to this conclusion of my own free will because it is a good strong name and it just feels like it is meant to be. I did not however base this decision on all the wonderful things Josh does for me or on the fact that our baby is as much a part of him as he is a part of me and would never even have been conceived without him. Nor was it a concern that, even though the name doesn't matter much to me, it matters a lot to Josh.
The name of which my beautiful new baby boy will henceforth be known is.....

Ender Rilen Kirby.

Comments on what a wonderful name it is, are welcome.

Oh, if only we were psychic!!

Alrighty then - Labor Contest is closed. I am now taking your most intuitive guesses on when this babe will make an appearance and how much he will weigh. The winner will receive a mystery pampering prize full of great things!!

My guess is May 29th 7lbs. 5oz.

If I win what do I get? hee,hee

Leave your comments and the contest closes in a few days. If you win one but not the other, you get a mini pampering prize of Mary Kay makeup.

Clue: We have had 2 false alarms in the last week. Of the two babies we have now, One babe 5 weeks early...the other 5 days before due date.

Good Luck!!!

This contest is open to ALL who visit my blog!


Ok, so here's the bad news... I can't see my feet so I keep stubbing my toes. And here is the even worse news.... my feet, ankles, and calves are so swollen, especially on the left side, that I can barely walk and it feels terrible. Like my skin is stretched too far. If that is TMI (too much information) consider yourselves forewarned...I plan on dishing about the birth too. Hee,hee.

Any advice on how to deal with swollen everything?

I call these tree trunks for legs.
If you look closely you can see apart of my big toe is missing it's beautiful paint job that I had done for Mother's Day. Yes, I stubbed it off some how! Ouch!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Please pray for this family..

I have followed sweet Kayleigh Freeman for a long time now and I am so sad to hear that she passed away last night. She isn't quite a year old. Her mom and dad, Aimee and Adam, have two older children. They are so sad and have been through so much with their precious little girl. Please keep them in your prayers that they can get through these next days, weeks, and months. If you would like to see their blog click HERE . It is an amazing testiment of their love for her.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby Blues??

Another Not Me! Monday has arrived and I know there are PLENTY of things I could not admit to doing this week but when it comes to Monday how come I can't remember any of them? I do not check my blog for reminders on my silliest moments to post on Not Me! Mondays. I'm not that clueless! That being said, here we go...

I did not actually back out of our driveway on the way to Safeway to pick up some delicious sticky buns and hit my husband's work car with our family car and damage both. NOT ME! Who would do that? That's what rearview mirrors are for! I did not sit on the couch for 5 accumulative hours yesterday while crocheting my baby blanket that should already be done and waiting for him especially since I've been having steady contractions the last couple of days. I wouldn't be so unprepared for a baby I knew was coming the last 9 months. Not me! And I certainly wouldn't go around underwearless because my last 3 pairs that actually fit were dirty and I am too upset to think about buying more when I don't plan on being this mammoth of a size for much longer. Not Me! So - when all is said and done - I did not actually blame any of this on my sweet innocent boy child who is about to grace us with his beautiful presence. That's just not right! Not Me!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

False Alarm

Well, we had an interesting night late last night. Around 11pm I started having contractions that were not that painful and sometimes went around to my back. I started keeping track and they were every 5 minutes. When I started having to "breath" through them I told my husband that I was having contractions but I would let him know if they stopped in a little while. That was 25 minutes into it. 2 hours later, bags packed, kids stuff ready, 1am, me....too sleepy to want to call the hospital let alone wake the little ones up and take them to the hospital where we are meeting the sitter just to be told "go home". So instead of calling I decided to try and sleep. If the contractions kept waking me up then we would go. Good Morning everyone and Happy Mother's Day! I am at home with no contractions. I am glad I waited after all. :)

Just a reminder that the labor contest is still running and even if you are a stranger to me, please post a comment. I love getting to know others through my blog! Click here for the contest post.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Car Accident

Can you see the slight dent among the huge scratches?
Scratches all down the side there.

Broken light and scuffed bumper.

First - I am fine. I was crying because I really felt bad for doing it.
Second - Josh, my husband, was shocked. And yet so loving and supportive. Gave me loves and said, "don't cry it's just a car!" I told you that he was wonderful. *sigh*
Third - I want to just stay home until after the baby is born. I am afraid of a worse senario truly!
Forth - I backed out of our driveway and hit my husband's work car with our family car. UUGGHHH! I've never done that or things like that really. But now I have so maybe I'm a fibber.
Anyone else feeling like they don't possess a brain????

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Labor Contest!!!

Ok - I know that I have like 4 weeks left but I wanted a head start on some ideas to get things moving if you know what I mean. I am starting to feel more ready and I can't sleep so I am getting exhausted. I would like to get the "ball" rolling and go into labor in a couple weeks. So - what are your ideas? I'll take hilarious, crazy, slighty plausible, and that just might work! Also, tell me what has worked for you! If I go into labor while trying your idea out....I will contact you and send you some new gymboree clothes for boy or girl!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Elevator Thrills

Ok well, I love this idea that I got from MckMama. She does hilarious things and then fesses up to them in her blog by saying she didn't do it or wouldn't have done that (but she really did). Anyhoo, I am trying to think of something crazy that I did this week. The only thing i can think of is I did not quickly walk/run in front of another woman who was close to reaching the elevator at the Dr.'s office to get to the elevator first so that my darling son could *push* the button and avoid #1 a meltdown for not getting to push it or #2 having to wait for an entirely new elevator ride so he can push the button. Not me!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Flower

All you need is glue, tissue paper, a pencil, and swedish fish of course!
Hannah hard at work.

Almost done.

Finished product.

We decided to put it in the rainbow that is STILL on the wall.

Very nice Hannah!

Hannah and I had art time. it's been a while because we normally do art time when Maizer is taking a nap. He hasn't been napping lately so Hannah and I have been missing our time together. Well, today he is sleeping and therefore a beautiful flower was created. :)