Monday, November 15, 2010

This is long overdue....

I have to apologize to my friends and family for not writing for so long. Sometimes the thought of posting on my blog is me groaning and dragging my feet. LOL Why? I dont know......just have other things to do maybe? Or other things I would rather do?? Anyhow...I am feeling ready to blog a little today so here is the update...

Hannah is in Kindergarten and she loves it. This winter has been hard on her. She is sick a lot from kids at school and church and has lost a lot of weight...3 lbs and counting. She has missed 11 or 12 days and has been present 37 days. Not a good ratio but what can we do? I am optimistic still and I am holding off as long as possible from pulling her out of school and church for the winter. I wish some parents would just keep their sick kids home and not spread germs cuz yeah ok..your kid is healthy but mine isnt. So why punish her for it? gets me mad. But she is doing good for the most part.

Maizer is officially potty trained and is doing excellent! He doesnt wear a diaper at all not even to sleep in! I am so proud of him. He is turning 4 on December 15th. I cant believe how grown up my kids are getting. Maizer brings me a lot of joy. He is very aware of anothers feelings and he just loves people. He always tells me I am beautiful.

Asher is also a good boy. He is very busy and happy and wants to do everything the other kids can do. He is fearless! LOL He is going through a phase where he will smack you a good one so we have to watch out but he is just keeping us on our toes! He is very loving....usually. :)

So my sweet children are doing great and we have been up to some fun things. I will post our trip and Hannah's first tooth lost and a swimming day soon. :) Love you all!