Sunday, June 5, 2011


The next part of our trip was beautiful St. George, UT. Josh wants to move there now. LOL Don't worry, I dont. We stopped at the Dinosaur Museaum and checked out the nifty footprints and stood where dinosaurs walked. The kids thought it was really cool!

Notice pink camera Hannah is holding. That is why the next set of pictures was cut short. She left it at the museum and we had to rush back to get it because they were closing in 10 minutes!! But we got it and we left for Nevada right after that, so it was a close call!

And here is the gorgeous St. George Temple. I wish Josh and I could have gone inside!!

Such a lovely place.

Easter trip and Kirby Family Wedding

It's time to update the blog and I have renewed a goal to myself for picking up my blog again. It's been a long time and I am starting to miss the blog world and friends. So, here is what we did for Easter time!

My family looks exhausted but we made to Utah just in time to go the church and bless my sister's new baby boy Hayden!!

Here's the crowd that made it to the blessing!

We had a family night of bowling and pizza! The kids loved it. They had never been bowling before. We will definately be going again soon. They did so well it was hard for me to keep up! LOL

Here is my sis Leah with baby Hayden.

Hannah having some dinner.

The kids used these cool ramps to help them bowl. They were helpful for sure!

Maizer enjoying the night.

And of course Josh hamming it up.

This was trip part one. I'll post part two next. :)