Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hannah's Preschool Halloween Recital Oct. 30th 2008

Preschooler magic is very powerful. Watch out!
"The Witch's Brew" Notice the smoking pot....

All of Hannah's classmates.

LOL She is so funny.

Here is Hannah's favorite song "Black Cat".

Grandpa took all these pictures for mommy so I could tape it for Daddy.

Isn't she an adorable little pumpkin? :)

She was a great performer. I could hear her clearly.

Hannah starting a song.

Hannah entering with her class to perform for us.

Hannah was so dang cute as a pumpkin for her Halloween recital at preschool. She sang the songs at home all month and she still sings one of her favorites "Black Cat" to this day. :) She has so much fun with her class. I am so glad I found this school. They do so many neat things and rotate 5 times a day to go to Music time, Art time, Math, Language Arts, and Free Play with snacks in the middle. She's busy and loves it. She goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and poor Maizer wants to stay when we drop her off. He misses her so much when she is gone.



Adorable! I'm so glad that you could get Hannah in the preschool you wanted. It looks like she is having a BLAST! Ian knows how Maizer feels. He always wanted to stay when I dropped Bryce off last year.

Sants said...

I love all the pictures! Your kids are so beautiful! Congratulations, too!

Brooke said...

How fun to get to see that!! I can't wait for school plays and such!!! It's great to hear from you and see how well you're doing. Congrats again on the pregnancy!!