Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hannah's Fashion Show!

So cute! I love Gymboree. :)

"Daisy Days" outfit that Hannah didn't want to put on.

Beautiful "Dasiy Days" dress.

Note the matching shoes. :)

So darling!

Of course there is the matching cardigan. :)

Hannah's Valentine's Day wear.

Always a matching hair accessory.

This one came with a hoodie jacket. So cute!

"Sweeter Than Chocolate" line. Love it!

Thise are little bon bons on the front.

Can't forget the Neoplolitan cardigan.

Hannah is getting tired. This is a candy outfit.

Little candies down each pant leg on the navy cords.

Lollipops with beads on them. So pretty!

Another "Daisy Days" outfit.

I am not a happy girl. No more fashion show!

Ok - So I bought some clothes from Gymboree using Gymbucks so everything you buy is 50% off including sale items. I walk out with a ton usually cause I shop and put things on hold until the next day when coupons were accepted. Here are some of the outfits we bought, but not all. And yes, I got some for Maizer too but he wasn't in the mood for a fashion show - not that Hannah was either but oh well. :)

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