Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's been a while

I haven't written in a long while. We all had confirmed cases of swine flu which wasn't pretty and now we are all in good health. Thank goodness! So I have a few updates to post and I think I'll throw one out each day this week. :) The first one I'll do is on our Halloween night. We took the kids to the mall and they were able to go trick or treating in the warmth of the mall and get enough candy for their young age. LOL Here are their costumes! Asher is a frog, Maizer is a puppy, and Hannah is a butterfly princess.

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LOL! Maizer looks real thrilled with his costume! The kids are adorable as usual! I can't believe how HUGE Asher is! Holy smokes! I wish I could have gotten a pic of Maizer, Asher and Spencer together...a dog, a frog and a skunk....LOL! how funny!