Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We bought a house!!!

Well, I wanted to post a picture but since the house is nearly finished being built I'll just take some in a few weeks of the pretty finished product and post those. Josh and I bought a house last week. We were finally approved after about 2 months of trying. I owe it all to Josh! He's amazing and never let it go. We are building it through Josh's construction company that he works for and so we get deals on a lot of stuff. Pretty much we are building the house at cost and Josh is doing a lot of work himself. :) The tile guy gave us tile for the downstairs bathroom and the kitchen plus he said no charge for his labor! Isn't that great? Josh has put in the cabinets and will do the floors and laminate all himself plus all the trim. What a guy! We chose bamboo flooring which should look lovely. The bedrooms have carpet. It is 3 bedrooms upsatirs and 2 bathrooms plus we will finish a bedroom and bathroom in the basement and the rest will be finished down there as we live in it. Josh will see to that. :) I lovo having such a great fix it man around! Anyway, we should be moving in about a month. It is sad to say goodbye to the ward we have been in for over 4 years now especially when welcoming another baby to our family but hopefully people won't be shy and will stop bye to say hello. :) That's all for now. :) I'll post pictures when the house is done.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I was wrong!!!

It's a boy! LOL I went with girl but I admit I was wrong. We are having a sweet little boy and I feel all giddy inside. I can't wait to meet him! I wonder what features he'll have. Maizer is blue eyed and fair hair which is darkening. I wonder if Josh's Asian genes will come through more this time and our baby will look more asian and then we'll have three different looking kids! LOL Well, time will tell. I have more exciting news but I'll wait to post until I can get a picture up with it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is it a boy or a girl???????

Well, tomorrow is the day we find out what we are having. I have had crazy dreams all week! I have only had one boy dream out of all my girl dreams (which have been many). So technichally, I will go with girl and see if I am wrong. LOL With Hannah and Maizer both I thought I knew what they were beforehand and I was right at the ultrasound, so maybe it will happen a third time....who knows. I can't tell you how excited I am to find out. Josh is coming and so we have to wait until the end of the day!! 4pm appointment. :( I pray the baby cooperates and we can have an easy time of telling boy or girl. Until then ......

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The final touch..

Hannah's loot.
Maizer's loot.

Our tree. :)

Here is everything we put out Christmas Eve. Santa came too! We were blessed this year. I always worry that we won't have much but everything worked out great! Thank you family for sending some gifts for the kids too!

Here batter,batter....swing!

What a handsome kid!
Go Maizer Go!

Batter up!

Good shot Hannah! hee,hee

Little drummer boy. :)

Zoom zoom!

Maizer had some great Christmas gifts too!

Bella Ballerina

Dr. Hannah - she loves to play Dr. :)

Santa's presents to her.

Pretty Ballerina!

Dancing is so fun! She even makes Maizer be her partner sometimes. It's hilarious. I want to get that on video!


Just like her mommy!

Hannah received a few special Christmas presents this year. Here are a few. I love her dancing. She wants to take dance classes. :)

Hannah's Fashion Show!

So cute! I love Gymboree. :)

"Daisy Days" outfit that Hannah didn't want to put on.

Beautiful "Dasiy Days" dress.

Note the matching shoes. :)

So darling!

Of course there is the matching cardigan. :)

Hannah's Valentine's Day wear.

Always a matching hair accessory.

This one came with a hoodie jacket. So cute!

"Sweeter Than Chocolate" line. Love it!

Thise are little bon bons on the front.

Can't forget the Neoplolitan cardigan.

Hannah is getting tired. This is a candy outfit.

Little candies down each pant leg on the navy cords.

Lollipops with beads on them. So pretty!

Another "Daisy Days" outfit.

I am not a happy girl. No more fashion show!

Ok - So I bought some clothes from Gymboree using Gymbucks so everything you buy is 50% off including sale items. I walk out with a ton usually cause I shop and put things on hold until the next day when coupons were accepted. Here are some of the outfits we bought, but not all. And yes, I got some for Maizer too but he wasn't in the mood for a fashion show - not that Hannah was either but oh well. :)

Fun in the snow!!

This is the bottom turn that leads back to the start.
Here is Joshy's sled run. You start on the left, climb up and sled down and around back to the start again. It was a genius design! What a crafty man I have. :)

Big Snowballs!


Here is Maizer. All toasty except I couldn't find any snow pants for him. :(

Hannah all made up like A Christmas Story -hee,hee. If she falls she won't be able to get up!

I bundled the kids up so they could play while Josh made a snow run for them to sled down in the front yard. Here are the kids and Josh's final materpiece! They went down over and over again for like an hour and a half!

Christmas Jammies

Hannah making silly picture faces - always. :) Maizer with his thumb in his mouth - always. :)

Ok - I need to back track a little and post some Christmas photos and the snow etc. :) We open one present Christmas Eve and it is always new pajamas. I love the tradition from my family so I am carrying it over to my own family. Here are the kids in their new bedtime duds.