Thursday, May 27, 2010


Maizer is a wonderful little boy who really never gives me any trouble. He is sensitive which can be somewhat tiring at times when he cries over nothing but I remember that to him things mean a lot more. What I love so much about Maizer is that he is so loving and cuddley, he is funny and I love to hear his laughter. When I sit on the couch he climbs up there and sits next to me. If I come out of my room dressed and showered or ready for church or if I just put my shoes on he always tells me I look beautiful! I love this so much because it is so sincere in the simplicity of the compliment. Yes Maizer, my blue tennis shoes make me look beautiful don't they? As does my wet hair from my shower. LOL He makes me feel his love so easily and for this I cherish him so. He says randomly everyday several times a day..."Mommy?" "Yes Maizer." "I loovvee you." And then he puts his head down and looks to the left or right trying to hide his face with a shy smile on it. "I love you too sweet boy!" And the world is good for him. He will come to me with a slight cry and not quite know what he wants or needs so I ask him, "Do you want some chocolate milk?" "Yes!" After he drinks it he gets down from the table and says as he walks off "Now I'm happy!" Yep, I've fixed the unbalance in the universe with chocolate milk! Go me! I hope as Maizer grows that all I ever need to do for him to make him happy is a hug, kiss, and cup of chocolate milk!


Kelli said...

Ah, the power of chocolate milk. I pray it's magic healing abilities continue on as well.

Anonymous said...

He's such a sweet boy. I'm glad to hear about him talking full sentences, but at the same time I have a hard time imagining it...everyone is just growing up, and Asher walking and Hannah getting more dynamic in her personality (from what I'm gathering based solely on the blog?). Fun fun.