Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hannah's Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Cupcakes - Yum Yum!!

Notice Hannah's cupcake outfit. :)
Bake to perfection.

Make more!

Get these ingredients together. Animal cookies, red jelly beans, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and chocolate frosting.

Arrange into face!

Cute little Rudolph!

And eat of course!

Make a plate full of friends to share with your friends!

We finally put together our cupcakes. Baking cupcakes is one of Hannah's favorite things to do with me. :) I love it too. She is so sweet in the kitchen. I am also happy to have a cute post about Hannah finally. They are so easy to make and I got the idea from a friend at church. Check out the's pretty self explanatory. We are leaving one for Santa tonight!



Too cute! My little niece is such a doll! I love that she loves to help in the kitchen! I like the idea of rudolph cup cakes. I think I might try to make some of these with the boys tonight. Ian keeps asking for cupcakes! What fun!

smerkley said...

Super Cute!!! And they look way easy to make.

Kelli said...

animal cookies for antlers. I never would have thought of that. How cute! And little Hannah is getting so old!