Friday, December 19, 2008

Maizer turns 2!!

Homemade mac and cheese which Maizer didn't want anyway so he had chicken nuggets. I can never guess what he will eat and like. It changes too much. :)

Maizer loves Elmo. He calls him "Melmo".

Maizer turned two last Monday the 15th. He is a toddler now. sniff,sniff I know I shouldn't feel sad but my baby isn't really a baby anymore. Good thing I have another on the way! :) Hannah was hilarious. She wanted to be a "big helper" and help Maizer open all his presents. She was so sweet about it. I am glad she will get to open her own presents for Christmas because I felt kinda bad that she didn't have anything of her own to open. But she quickly adopted his toys for her own and left him with two cars. Here are some cute birthday pics.

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