Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Home sweet Home

Well, I am so tired but finally I can post something. We got our computer hooked up today. It took the phone company FOREVER to get us our service and even now we are on a temporary line because they can't find the buried line to our house from their box across the street. We have been in here since 2/28 and it's the 10th. No phone - no computer. I felt like I was in a black hole. That's pretty sad to think how dependent we can be on our technology. :) It's just so nice to be able to keep in touch this way though.

The house is lovely. Still a bit echoey because we don't have all our stuff moved in. But we are getting there slowly but surely. It all sits in the garage. We have some things that still need to be done such as painting the outside of the house (can't because of weather), cementing the porch (can't because of weather, cementing the driveway (can't because of weather), finding our permanent phone line - yep you guessed it - can't because of the snow. Oh snow...you are beautiful but I am tired of seeing you now. I love the house and can't wait to make it more reflective of our family. You know - curtains so we don't live in a fish bowl - LOL and pictures on the wall...stuff like that. I wake up everyday and it is still so new!! I have that whole nesting thing coming out and I just want everything done!

We hope to amend our taxes and collect our First Time Home Buyers compensation in a few weeks. That would make it possible to finish the basement before the baby comes! We'll see. Things have had so many obstacles lately that I am not going to bet on it at this point in time. But how nice to have a play area for the kids and a family room downstairs! John's bedroom all done and a work area for him and a spare bedroom for visitors!! Hint hint! Family can now come visit and see the kids! Yeah :)

Well, I have been feeling better after having to have breathing treatments to help me breathe after catching Hannah's terrible virus. My lungs are feeling less heavy and itchy and my energy is coming back up. I feel the baby kicking more now and I am happy about that. While I was really sick he was a quiet little guy. Had me worried! I have my next appointment in a week. I am in my third trimester now! Boy this pregnancy has gone by fast! I am so excited to meet this little one and I hope that Hannah's excitement lasts and she becomes a little mommy for him too. It will give her an important job and she does love to be a big helper. I can't believe Hannah is turning 4 on the 23rd! That's just nuts. We will find out how her weight is doing on Thursday.

Well, I have blabbed on long enough. I will take a few pictures when things are looking more like a house in here. :) Love you all!

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