Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hannah has lost some weight

Well, as many of you know Hannah has been sick with a cold since Saturday. She has had a fever of 102.5 each day until today it was 101.8. I have been giving her fever reducing meds to help but she hasn't been feeling well at all. I had her home nurse come a day early to check her weight because I thought Hannah was looking more thin. She has lost exactly 1lb since being sick. Now she weighes 27.8 pounds. Hannah's name has been put on the temple rolls of 3 temples thanks to my loving sister Leah. She will also get a blessing tonight when Josh gets home from work. Please pray that Hannah can gain back this weight as she truly is starting to look sickly with all the bones in her chest poking through her skin. :( We really didn't want a set back in her weight but that is how it is sometimes. Colds just take a stronger hold on her because she doesn't have any fat stores to help her out. Hannah turns 4 years old in a month so you can just imagine how 27 pounds looks on her little body. Thank you all for everything!

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