Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Maizer! The big 3!!

My boy turned three years old and I just can't believe it! I love this little guy so much. Things that make Maizer, Maizer:

1. He is the fair child in the bunch with beautiful blue eyes.
2. He is a boy with a funny sense of humor. He says "Trick or feet". :)
3. He is a loving boy with a quiet sensibility. He likes to sit next to you and
say nothing but just cuddle.
4. He loves books!
5. He is excellent at putting puzzles together without ever seeing how they are
supposed to look as a finished product.
6. He loves to build things.
7. He lays all of his toys be it markers, books, shovels, cars etc. in intricate
patterns on the floor.
8. He LOVES chocolate milk.
9. He loves his hats, loves to dance, loves to be a superhero, and loves to play.
10. He has touched our family in wonderful ways and we could never do without him.

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