Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kirby's 2009

Well, this is the day we say goodbye to a year and enter into a new decade. It's crazy to think what has happened this year let alone the last 10 years!

Let's see if I can recap both for you all. :)


We are pregnant with our third child and we bought a house in Feb. I close my "daycare" and we move in to our beautiful home. Hannah turns 4 and finishes her year of preschool. We start our new ward at church which changes after 2 months to another whole new ward by boundary changes. We give birth to a baby boy we finally named Asher. He was late in coming by a week. Josh's mom comes to visit us for the first time in 2 years. Hannah takes a nose dive in her weight so we try to start tube feeding her again. She starts a new year in preschool and gets sick constantly. Maizer starts to talk alot better and interacts with Hannah more. Josh's sister Mia comes up to visit and meets the kids for the first time. We go on vacation to Oregon and see the zoo, Portland, stay in a yurt for a night, see the falls and fish hatchery. Can't forget IKEA!!! We get back to find out Hannah is in dire need of body fat. We were threatened with CPS regarding Hannah's present starvation state. ???? Don't ask. Very long story that makes Josh and me hostile. Josh and I decided to take matters into our own hands and now we feed Hannah 3 times a day through her tube and she has gained 3 1/2 pounds!!! The baby is about to crawl and is eating baby food, Maizer turned 3, my sister Katie moved up and is living with us, we pulled Hannah out of preschool and keep her out of church except Sacrament to keep her healthy for now. I am down 37 pounds since giving birth. And last but not least, we had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy our new ward. Whew! I am sure I am missing something in there.

As for the last decade, I have changed more than I can say. I have grown as a woman and a mother. I have struggled, lost, and fought for a better life. I have earned, learned, and blossomed. I have reached goals and gained potential. I have lifted up and fallen down. This all sounds so cliché, but it's true and if I looked into the eyes of my 10 year younger self I would be pleased. That is all that matters isn't it? And if this is what I have accomplished in 10 years, I can't believe what the next 10 may hold for me. I should write a book! LOL

Take care my dear family and friends. I truly wish the happiest of years this next decade for you all.


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The Ertel's said...

Quite a year! I can't believe the CPS threat. You are amazing parents trying everything you can! Oh, I'm mad just thinking about it. I'm glad she's gaining weight.