Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby Update

Well, I went to the Dr. today. Good news - in the past 6 weeks I have only gained 3 pounds. :) Ok News - I have to have a test to see if I am likely to have an onset of pre-labor next time I am at the Dr.'s. Well, that's no biggie. I saw that coming cause of Hannah I guess. Bad news - or may be bad news ???? - I have grown another 4 cm in the last 2 weeks topping me off at a whopping 37cm for 30 weeks along. In prego language you should measure right around if not exactly how many weeks you are. So me being 30 weeks along I should measure 30cm for my belly size. Instead I am nearly 2 months larger than I should be so I am to have an ultrasound in 2 weeks to make sure all is ok and perhaps I just have extra fluid. The dr. doesn't think my baby is "a big one" so hopefully it's nothing to worry about except for my increasing misery as I get bigger..and bigger....and bigger...oh yeah - and bigger!!


Kelli said...

Wow! I was 37 at my last appointment before having Keyton, so I feel for you! That much time left and already that big! Sorry! Hope all is just fine at the next check up!

Michael Laura Jonah Ryker said...

oh man, I already feel big and, luckily I'm measuring right at 30cm at 30 weeks, but I'm having the opposite problem, My Dr. keeps telling me to keep eating so I gain more weight, it's hard for my body to gain weight when I'm actively chasing around two very energetic boys!! I hope everything is okay at your next appointment, keep us posted!!

taylorarchives said...

Wow, I hope it will all go well there. I would love to talk to you (Chloe) and Josh again. We don't have your new phone number. Maybe I'll email you, if it's still the same email you had when here.