Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our House!!

The house is a mocha type color with black shutters and shakes above the garage and a white trim. I love it!
new lights on the house

Big boy maizer!

Big girl Hannah!

Strange approach to the driveway. See the curve?

New sidewalk and porch. :) So nice not to have to walk on boards!

Close up of paint, stone, new light, and house #'s. Looks great!

Josh built the shutters himself and hung them. Great job babe!
They would have cost like $40 bucks each or a little more if he didn't make them.

ok - So our house was painted last Tuesday and I am so happy with the colors we picked out! it couldn't look better! I posted a few pics so you could see it. The driveway was laid a week ago and we can't park on it till tomorrow or Saturday. It will be nice not to have to walk so far when carrying sleeping kids in the house or groceries!



Your house looks beautiful! I can't wait to come and see it for myself! I am so happy for you guys! The kids look great as always! Sure do love you sis!

taylorarchives said...

It looks so great! So clean cut and roomy. What a nice look--and that's a cool idea with Josh making the shutters. I think the driveway looks good.

The Panero Family said...

I love the colors. The shutters are probably my favortie part. I have black shutters too; it means we have good taste.