Monday, April 27, 2009

My Baby Shower

My nifty chocolate nuggets. Yummy!

Diaper cake with jungle animals. :)

Fresh fruit that Josh cut up for me.

Croissant sandwiches and pasta salad. Getting hungry yet?

raindrops from the light fixture

Josh's rainbow. :)

A hippo..

An elephant and lion...

Monkeys of course.

The perfect spread. :)

Well, last Saturday was my baby shower and it was perfect! We played games till all the gifts were awarded. I had nearly 10 so everyone left with something and the food was yummy! The cake was so pretty! I had an animal theme and the cake was perfect - chocolate with fudge and raspberry filling. I was so happy with the rainbow Josh made for me on the wall too! It is so perfectly shaped. :)


Lisa said...

Oh...looks like fun! The cake looks awesome. I'm sorry I had to miss it. I hope you had a happy birthday too. When is a good time to come out to see you? My number is still 995-6858. Did your # change, if so I don't have it?


Wow! Everything looks amazing!!!! I wish I could have been there! I guess I was for a minute with the Skype thing! LOL! I'm so happy for you and I can wait to meet my new nephew! Love you Chloe!


I love the cake!! Everything looks so cute and glad you had a wonderful time at your baby shower. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I am very excited for you and baby Kirby. Wish I could have been there for your shower and also for your birthday. Love ya.

Michael Laura Jonah Ryker said...

Your baby shower looks like so much fun! so do you have everything ready for your little guy? we're getting close!

Kelli said...

Yes, I am hungry after seeing all your food. And what a cute cake! Totally jealous and sad that I missed it! Glad all went well- now just a few more weeks to wait. :)

Groshon said...

so cute, I love all your decorations! Did you make the cake? It looks awesome!
I am glad you had a good time! Sorry, we couldn't make it!

chloe's clan said...

The cake was compliments of Happy Cake Co. I didn't make it but it was so darn cute. :)

Holly said...

Looks like a fun shower! That cake is adorable!