Friday, April 23, 2010

Annoying tidbits

Is it weird that I really find phrases like LIVE LAUGH LOVE or DANCE LIKE NO ONES WATCHING or LOVE LIKE YOU NEVER HAD YOUR HEART BROKEN annoying as all get out?

I mean sheesh! It's so overplayed. It's like the colors blue and brown together. So commercial. The minute I see an email with something like that on's deleted without being read. No offense to others who think it's cute or fun. But I think it's dumb.

LOL Thanks for reading my rant...until next time.


Kelli said...

Agreed. Thank you!

The Ertel's said...

yes they annoy, especially the dance one. but I do like blue and brown together :)

THanks for the comments on the cake, I am going to start a business, but keeping it low key. We miss you guys too, Abby still remembers "her friend Hannah"

Sants said...

I really really REALLY hate that quote from Elder Wirthlin - "Come what may and love it".

I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. If I see another vinyl lettering sign that says that I swear I will go postal.