Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching Up Again

Ok - So I have a few things to catch up on. I have been a little busy with appointments and finishing things with the house. First off, Hananh has gained weight. She was checked yesterday and weighes 28lbs 6oz. That is just great! Maizer weighes 27lbs 6oz and Asher weighes 9lbs 12oz.

I have lost 4 pounds this week which is also great!

Josh picked up a spinet piano for me that I found for free on craigslist yesterday. It is in good shape and came with a bench. I need to have it tuned and maybe 3 strings at the very top need new strings. We'll see what the tuner man says. I own an upright piano already but I wanted one that doesn't overwhelm the space in our home and a spinet is an upright that isn't tall.

It looks good but does need to be refinished.

I also haven't posted any pictures of Josh's mom coming to visit us for a very short weekend. Here she is with the kids.

And no - she doesn't always have her sunglasses on. LOL

I see my Dr. this Friday and then I will start working on getting the baby weight off. I do hope to lose 3 more pounds this week just so I can go into my appointment with 30 pounds total lost since giving birth. That would be awesome!!!

Well, I am off to clean the house and take care of a bunch of sick kids. :( All 3 of them.


.·:*¨¨*:·.Hep*Hep*Hooray said...

your kids are so CUTE!! congrats on losing so much weight, that is seriously awesome!
how long have you played the piano? I have been teaching piano lessons for the past 12 or so years.

Sants said...

Design Mom painted her piano green and it is FABULOUS! Seriously, check it out on her blog.

gemini69kar said...

i just read your ode to me you have caused me to cry in the public library but i dont care about that i love you chloe with all my heart and you have been and forever will be my strength and personal cheerleading squad