Sunday, May 31, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Date

Josh took Hannah out last Saturday for their first Daddy/Daughter Date. She went to Build-A-Bear because she earned enough stars to "pay" fot it.

*I will post all about star earning later - works great for incentives to do the right things and to listen! I also have great tips on consequences if you're interested.*

They went a little late in the day so she fell asleep on the way home after a mini-melt down. :( But she had a great time and we laughed and laughed about what she chose to make! She named it Rainbow Scooba-doo but has since changed it to Baby-E. Why I don't know! LOL

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Kelli said...

Hey, at least it's a unique looking teddy bear! Come on baby come out tomorrow!!!! (I did say the 2nd, right?)