Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Labor Contest!!!

Ok - I know that I have like 4 weeks left but I wanted a head start on some ideas to get things moving if you know what I mean. I am starting to feel more ready and I can't sleep so I am getting exhausted. I would like to get the "ball" rolling and go into labor in a couple weeks. So - what are your ideas? I'll take hilarious, crazy, slighty plausible, and that just might work! Also, tell me what has worked for you! If I go into labor while trying your idea out....I will contact you and send you some new gymboree clothes for boy or girl!


Kelli said...

Well Keyton just listened to me when I told him to wait for his baby shower then he could come out. My suggestion would be to go to a massage place and request the "go into labor" foot massage. I went in with a month to go and the girl told me if I hadn't had him yet, to come back in and she'd massage my feet and ankles because supposedly there's certain pressure points in there somewhere that are supposed to stimulate labor. Who knows?

Tiffany @ Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I've heard the same thing for the pedicure/foot massage. Also, I fed my sister-in-law a dish that was FILLED with fresh garlic, and she went into labor that following morning. Spicy food and/or garlic is said to do the trick. For me... nothing worked but my sweet baby girl deciding to come on her own sweet time!

LisaLee said...

HOLY COW GIRL...YOU GREW!!! Just do it and let us know so we can see your new baby? Where are you going to have the baby? Deaconness?

Massage is wonderful and lots of walking and motion. DON'T DO THE CASTOR OIL THING!!!

Good Luck we love you and know you will do great.
Maizer's brother is almost here

Sants said...

I had a Dr. would used to say that what got you into the mess will get you out.


I did the ankle massage, it caused three weeks of false labor (I also took raspberry tea and blue and black cohosh.)

After that I came to the sad conclusion that kids come when they are ready.

The Bertagnoles said...

I agree that they come when THEY decide to come... I was having contractions, but they weren't regular so I decided to go in and get a nice pedicure complete with an extra special foot massage. Contractions stopped completely within an hour! My baby came a week later when he felt he needed to come. I wish I had some cool tricks for you!!