Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Ok, so here's the bad news... I can't see my feet so I keep stubbing my toes. And here is the even worse news.... my feet, ankles, and calves are so swollen, especially on the left side, that I can barely walk and it feels terrible. Like my skin is stretched too far. If that is TMI (too much information) consider yourselves forewarned...I plan on dishing about the birth too. Hee,hee.

Any advice on how to deal with swollen everything?

I call these tree trunks for legs.
If you look closely you can see apart of my big toe is missing it's beautiful paint job that I had done for Mother's Day. Yes, I stubbed it off some how! Ouch!!


Paging Doctor Mommy said...

FIND A POOL AND GO GET IN IT! I was just as swollen as you and I could hardly move towards the end of my pregnancy with Reagan. There was NO comfortable position that would give me relief. Until I found the pool. Honestly, it was like magic. Instant relief. I would stay in the pool all day if I could have. I called the one of the local hotels and begged them to let me use their pool because I figured that would be more private for my big fat self instead of going to the rec center for everyone to see Shamu floating around. The hotel graciously obliged, and I will forever thank them!

Seriously... go get in a pool and float!

Stef (a.k.a. Cuatro's Mom) said...

Well, if you have the baby then the swelling will be gone within a few days. Helpful? No? Hmm. sorry, but that is all I have for you.

Sants said...

The pool (or a cool hot tub) saved my life too. Except don't float on your back. I tried that and couldn't breath. Scary. But tummy down - ahhhh, I just put a pool noodle under my arms. Heaven! Out in the valley you are near the YMCA. They have a great kids' section.

Nicole said...

A couple of things you can do to reduce swelling - get your feet in a cold soak for 20 minutes in an hour. Prop your feet up above your heart level as much as possible. Have your husband get some lotion and massage your toes, feet and ankle but ONLY by pushing the swelling upwards with long firm strokes towards your knees. Try and reduce your sodium intake as well, and increase your water intake. Feet and ankles have the smallest bones and therefore lots of places for the fluid to get "stuck". Good luck!