Sunday, May 10, 2009

False Alarm

Well, we had an interesting night late last night. Around 11pm I started having contractions that were not that painful and sometimes went around to my back. I started keeping track and they were every 5 minutes. When I started having to "breath" through them I told my husband that I was having contractions but I would let him know if they stopped in a little while. That was 25 minutes into it. 2 hours later, bags packed, kids stuff ready, 1am, me....too sleepy to want to call the hospital let alone wake the little ones up and take them to the hospital where we are meeting the sitter just to be told "go home". So instead of calling I decided to try and sleep. If the contractions kept waking me up then we would go. Good Morning everyone and Happy Mother's Day! I am at home with no contractions. I am glad I waited after all. :)

Just a reminder that the labor contest is still running and even if you are a stranger to me, please post a comment. I love getting to know others through my blog! Click here for the contest post.

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taylorarchives said...

Wow that would have been some Mother's day! I remember when I lived in married student housing we had a walking group for enrichment. It was always the same girls. However we typically had one pregnant woman each week who would be close to 40 weeks and they would ask to walk with us in hopes of jumpstarting their labor. That was a big trend for the mothers there and it seemed to work like a charm most of the time because joining us was a one-time occurence (or twice) and the next thing we knew their baby was announced at church. Our walks were semi-brisk on some mild hills around the neighborhood for about an hour starting at 7 am. Who knows? Of course there were always women who didn't believe in it. (Yeah I know I wouldn't have any use if I won seeing as I don't have a child, but I thought I'd just mention that anyway)