Monday, May 25, 2009

The Pot of boy at the end of the Rainbow!

Here is the latest pregnancy photo. Please disregard any rolls you may see. I really don't like the fat pictures but this is how I get when I am pregnant. Big, swollen, and gain like 50 pounds. oh well. Isn't he sweet looking in my tummy? :) I came up with a photo title but if you have a better one let me know! I am 37 weeks 6 days in this picture.


Paging Doctor Mommy said...

That post title with the picture is FANTASTIC!

Cale and Sharon said...

AWESOME!! Have you guys agreed on a name yet?

Michael Laura Jonah Ryker said...

You look so happy! and you're title is very clever!! oh and about my piano debut, I was hoping it would put me into labor but no such luck! I'm getting so ready for this baby to be on the outside, I bet you are too! take care!