Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Appointment today

*Update* - The Dr. said I have no change!! What's up with that? LOL Well, at least I am not totally miserable yet. He doesn't think I'll make it to next weeks appointment but hey - he didn't think I would be there today either!!

I have what I hope is my last appointment with my Dr. today. I will update when I get home later. I thought I would also post my last pregnancy photo once more at 38 weeks 6 days. I have 4 days till my due date and today is my little sister's 27th birthday. I guess she's not so little! But she would like the baby born today. We'll see. :) I went till 5 days before my due date to have Maizer and he was born early in the morning. I can't believe I am just sitting pretty with this one. I could go who knows how much longer! My feelings range from - ok, I'm ready..rested and showered let's go! - to - you better not come now I'm going to sleep and my hair is a mess! I really feel irritated at the thought of him coming when I'm not ready. This isn't at all rational but what can I say? LOL

Happy Birthday Katie Bug! XOXOXO Miss you.


LisaLee said...

Is Mr. Not sure of the name yet being stubborn? Or do you have a name yet? Apparently you have passed the day in which I thought he would make his grandiousious appearance. Good Luck Chloe, you are a great mom and will do wonderful. What hospital are you going to be at?

See ya

Michael Laura Jonah Ryker said...

I feel the same way! I hope the baby doesn't decide to come when I feel gross and need a shower after chasing my boys around all day! I was hoping she would be here by now both my other ones were about 10-12 days early but this little girl is very patient I might actually make it to my due date, only 6 more days! Good luck to you!!