Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Due Date

How can I not post something for today? It is just wonderful to be pregnant and to be blessed with the ability to have children. I have many friends who struggle so and it breaks my heart. We have had our own struggles as well.

I had a tubal pregnancy for our first baby and lost a fallopian tube. We thought we would struggle with infertility but were blessed with a pregnancy 8 months or so later. Hannah came into our lives and she is just so beautiful and wonderful. Then we were pregnant again but this time with twins! Wow - that's seems so crazy, I was in shock. After our ultrasound at 5-6 weeks to make sure I didn't have another tubal pregnancy I lost one twin. It was maybe 7-10 days after the ultrasound. I remember how much fear I felt. I just didn't want to lose both and there was nothing any Dr. could do to stop what was happening. It was a relief to have another ultrasound to find that one was still there! And Maizer was born to us and he was truly amazing. So patient from the get go. Never cried over anything really and he was so laid back I thought wow, such a contrast to Hannah! LOL She is a bit more demanding, but so incredibly smart!

And now, I am pregnant for the fourth time (each time planned!) and about to welcome another son to our family. He is taking his time in there and seems content till he makes up his mind to come and meet me face to face. I truly am blessed and in my prayers I thank my Heavenly Father for trusting me to be a mother to these beautiful little spirits!

So, little baby boy on your due date....take your time to meet me, that's ok. I have waited all my life to be a mother and I am happy to wait a little longer for the privilege of sharing your precious turn on Earth!


Brooke said...

Motherhood is amazing isn't it?!? Hope everything goes well for you!!!

LisaLee said...

Let me know when you are there I would love to come and see you...this little mister is making you sweat this one out. What a darling little stinker
you are in our prayers

The Alders