Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not Amused

Ok - so I didn't post my Not Me! Monday and I did have a couple sillies. Perhaps I will just wait until this Monday becuase I will definately have my baby by then!

Yes, I am still pregnant and went to see the Dr. yesterday. We tried to schedule an induction for Thursday or Friday but the hospital was booked. So Saturday it is if I am still around by then.

I am so tired at this point and I feel guilty at all the things I wish I could be doing with my kids. I can't run errands because I can't walk and manage the kids at the same time. I gained 3 pounds in fluid retention this week and I can't sleep again. I was doing good for a while there with Josh's special bed he made me. :) Thanks babe!

Now, I am just let down because I have been so excited for so long at the idea of going into labor. I am exhausted. I did clean the house yesterday! All but the bathrooms (it's super hard getting down on the floor because I have to actually get up too!) and the laundry needs to be put away. Josh will clean the playroom tonight with the kids and I want the sheets changed again. I think we did it last week but I really want eveything nice.

At least we put some grass down in the backyard!!!! I'll take a pic and post that soon. Wish me luck, I am so dejected right now. No progress! I am still dialated at a 1. Sigh.

P.S. We have not agreed on the name and a friend - Tifani - pointed out that she was 11 days late with her daughter because they couldn't agree on her beautiful name of Sari. I think that may be our issue as well. Josh and I stayed up late last night discussing it. I wonder how I would feel about Ender if I had never read the book. At least Ender is a great character and saves the world in the end! (Sorry for the spoiler).


Sants said...


That is my best advice!

And I am so honored to be mentioned in your blog ...

You have ALL my sympathy. (Larry just said, "picking a name is a process, it doesn't just come to you, you have to work through it." Clearly, words from a mom who was never OVERDUE pregnant.)

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer!

The Blomquist-Worley Family said...

Just remember that frustration and misery are gods gifts to make labor seem desirable so we are able to bear through it. I hope that for your sake, it happens sooner rather than later.

I'm excited for you that you got a lawn!!!

Sants said...

Not "mom" I meant to type MAN.

Kelli said...

Dang it, I keep checking on here hoping to hear that you're out of your misery. I kept organizing and cleaning while I waited too, but I really hope this one doesn't feel like waiting to his/her due date or after. Sorry Chloe.