Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh for the love of ...whatever!

Hi all,

I am here to tell you what's been going on. I wish I had a laptop to give you updates later but I think I'll have my sis do that. I am scheduled to be induced tomorrow at 7:30am. I have had a little trouble finding a babysitter but I have someone for tonight if needed and in the morning and evening tomorrow. I am waiting on a call about the afternoon. Crazy to have to schedule like this but I guess it happens. I have felt such stress getting things organized for my kids while we're gone. I mean why does it have to be so difficult? They are great kids, come watch them in their own home and we'll be back soon. Sheesh! Anyway, I've cried like 3 times over this in the days leading up to now. I just want to relax and await my baby coming. It seriously makes me wish that I had family to count on. I hate that fact that I only have 2 sisters and out of those 2 only 1 is capable of helping me out but she lives in UT. I don't have parents, I don't have grandparents. It is what it is and what else can I say? It makes me jealous to be honest of people who have big families. Families that are there for each other and live close together and are reliable, great people who have dinner every week with everyone and visit often and enjoy each others lives. The way things ought to be, you know? Ok maybe I just live in a dream world, who knows.

I am sorry this post is irritable but so am I! LOL I have dinner made and ready to pop in the oven tonight, I have fed my kids lunch, I need to do the dishes, put laundry away, and finish my kids guide for the sitters. I want to take the kids out in the sprinklers and put Maizer down for a nap. I want to pack a different top for my hospital bag and add the lotion I forgot. Whew! Ok, I am going to go rest and then start again on another task.

Words of encouragement or sanity are most welcome! And no, we haven't picked a name yet. I give up, at least until tomorrow. LOL


taylorarchives said...

I can't tell you how many times people have said they are going to name their child one thing, then deliver and decide on something entirely different. Maybe seeing the baby brings out what they're meant to be named.

Kathryn said...

You are more than welcome to ship the kids to AK and I'll watch them. I would be more than happy to watch them for you while if we were down there too. Sorry. I know that doesn't help. Have you called your R.S. Pres? I am impressed by how much you have gotten done in these last couple of days.

Remember, you're only stressing because you're pregnant. When I was pregnant with Seamus, I cried almost every day because I didn't have a car seat yet (I got one about 3 wks b4 birth) and I had an irrational fear that I wouldn't be able to bring my baby home from the hospital.

Don't worry. Everything will all work out.

Cale and Sharon said...

If we stilled lived there we totally would have come over and stayed with the kids for you, I'm sorry its been so hard to find some one. Just think tommarow this will all be over with and you will have your baby boy. YEA!!! Make sure you get lots of rest!!! Let Josh take care of stuff for you, which I am sure he is already, and try to relax, which I know is easier said than done. Good Luck we'll be thinking about you.

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I would so offer to help if you lived here or if I lived there. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!